The Lovers
21 X 15

Sylvan Bride
14 X 10

Tree Women with Babes
14 X 10

Atkins Glen
10 X 14


Repeat Performances!
In my younger years, I did much more printmaking than I do now. The process is complex and engaging. It did not feel as daunting as painting. However, in some ways it seemed more complex and complicated. The nicest outcome of making prints, is the ability to yield repeats of an image. The wood or the copper plate from which the print comes can live forever.

The process of print making demands neatness in the production of the images and orderly habits in the workplace. I admit that fastidiousness and orderliness are not my strongest characteristics.

12 X 12

14 X 34

16 X 12

White Coral Bells
22 X 15