White ’n Black
48 X 36

How’d it Go at the Office Dear?
48 X 36

What Do You Do With Hot Glue?
24 X 18

Mounds as Home
28 X 36

Purely Black and White

The Drama!        
Black and white seems both challenging and comfortable to me. Perhaps, because of my early studies in printmaking, I have great respect for the dramatic variety of tonal possibilities. Intense darkness can suggest mystery, apprehension or definitive action as well as many other powerful emotions.  The span from black to white offers the opportunity for a wide array of visual subtlety as well as sudden surprises. Black and white images range from linear drawings to highly subtle modulations.  Each viewer experiences a multitude of responses, from elusive suggestion to eye popping drama.

Frolic for Harmony
22 X 30

Study in Black and White
20 X 16

Hankerchief Revisited
48 X 36