Mystical Landscape
36 X 24

75 X 90

Manzinita Trees


Variety, the Spice of Life!
Painting had been my major focus for many years. I loved the process. In early years, I worked on developing skills needed to manage figures and still life. Often, I moved to abstraction because the freedom to invent and explore the creation of something unknown became an intellectual and aesthetic challenge. Visual concepts crept into my consciousness, daring me to be inventive. Figurative Images and Abstractions were in competition with each other. My solution was to focus on one for some amount of time; then, when I had enough, switch to the other. Both viewpoints were stimulating competitors. Each expressed a different kind of emotional or cerebral examination of visual possibilities.

Koski Landscape
72 X 48

The Seeds of Pomegranate
74 X 94