Colorful Cut-Up I and Colorful Cut-Up II
15 X 60

Sweater Cut-Up with Details
15 X 60

Sweaters Re-Invented

Think before Discarding!
What is there to do with a lovely knitted sweater when the sleeves are too long or it doesn’t fit or it’s just not right anymore? That’s easy, turn it into art! 

Beautifully knitted pieces of clothing easily become magical linear enticements for defying the flatness of a surface. I was challenged to integrate this dynamic element into my concepts. As I began this new effort, I questioned myself about how I should drape and place knitting to form an interesting pattern that would engage viewers. I painted a background support that was in visual opposition to the flow of the textural dimensionality and flow of the knitted fabric. This combination of opposites will, hopefully, draw viewers in to take a closer look.

Colorful Cut-Up (DETAILS)

Ribbed Sweater I and Ribbed Sweater II
15 X 60

Ribbed Sweater I details (top), Ribbed Sweater II details (bottom)