White on White  22 X 16

White on White
22 X 16

Road Kill
32 X 18

The Netted Blossom  14 X 11

The Netted Blossom
14 X 11

Just Be Gauze
72 X 48


Experimentation with the Unknown!
I am loving this stage of my artistic life. This phase encourages me toward the audacious and outrageous. It seems as though many incidental objects I encounter beg to be examined as if they were a jewel to be possessed! I picked up a piece of a broken plastic chair from the highway when I was at a stop sign (Road Kill). I found a carburetor from some machine which was abandoned on a field of grass (White on White). The cardboard carton which inspired “Ritz Carton” was taken from a pile of discarded shipping material in front of a store. Sometimes, the beloved findings hang around in my studio for a while until my mind and eyes agree upon an inventive idea for them. Other times, I cannot wait to explore the limits of possibilities immediately!

Ritz Carton
20 X 20

Ed Henigs and His First Wife
24 X 18

Blue Waves
24 X 18